SimGolf is a community built by sim golfers, for sim golfers. The SimGolf community has over a thousand members from across the world, ranging in playing abilities from high handicaps to scratch golfers.


SimGolf is about community and people enjoying their passion, golf!


SimGolf organizes leagues and competitions year round for all playing abilities!


Discuss any simulator product or service without fear of bans or pitchfork mobs!


Planning a simulator or having trouble with your current setup? The SimGolf community can help!

How Does it Work?

SimGolf is a server in the Discord platform. Discord is a cross-platform social media application that provides the ability to communicate with text messaging, voice calls, video calls and live streaming. The SimGolf discord server has text, voice and video channels dedicated to:

Simulator Help

Launch Monitor Help

Live Match Setup

Live Match Streaming



TGC2019 Leagues

GSPro Leagues